What We Do

We offer a range of services, including consulting in managerial and operational segments of business, accounting records and reporting, coaching and mentoring, development of management information systems and training systems for managers and customer service personnel:

Grand OpeningWe work with new business start-ups, evaluating and identifying the target market, developing budgets and forecasts, writing the business plan, designing the financial system, identifying sources of financing  and training new personnel.

  • Market study and evaluation of viability
  • Financial analysis and cash flow forecasting
  • Budget forecasting
  • Marketing and sales plan
  • Business plan writing (our business plans have won awards)
  • Financial Systems design
  • Identify sources of start-up financing

Business GrowthWe evaluate ongoing enterprises, assessing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in human resources, products, branding and customer awareness, market strategy and competitiveness.

  • Review of the business plan
  • Evaluation of the business structure and personnel
  • S. W. O. T.  Analysis   (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Review of marketing and sales plan
  • Business plan re-writing
  • Financial systems assessment and restructuring
  • Budget and Cash Flow analysis


  • Full-cycle Bookkeeping

  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

  • Purchasing and Accounts Payable

  • Payroll and T4s

  • Sales Tax Reconciliation and Reporting

  • Inventory and Purchasing Management

  • Financial Statements and Analysis

  • Year End Wind-Up and Reporting

  • Budget and Business Performance Measurement

Read more about our Bookkeeping and Accounting Service

AccountingWe design data collection, reporting and evaluation systems to provide more intelligent management tools.

  • Systems design; single-user, multi-user, standalone or network
  • General Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and statistical analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Custom management reporting systems
  • Hardware and software installation and operator training

DeliveryPut our specialized knowledge and experience to work, making your inventory investment work harder and return greater profits. 

  • Implement Scientific Inventory Management techniques
  • Identify and eliminate underperforming items
  • Maximize return on inventory investment
  • Improve stock turns
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve gross profit
  • Inventory system design, installation and user training

StoreWe can help you survive and grow, as a successful retailer, in one of the most challenging of all small business vocations. Put our 40-plus years of hands-on retail management experience to work for you. 

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Store layout and merchandising
  • Shrinkage control and loss prevention
  • Point of sale and inventory system design and implementation
  • Staff training and motivation for excellence in customer service
  • SMART management for maximum profit

Advertising and marketing SizedAre you doing everything possible to attract new business? Are you realizing maximum volume and profit from your existing customer base? Are you fully utilizing all of today’s advertising and marketing tools? 

  • How well do you know your customers?
  • What do they buy, why, when and how much?
  • The 80/20 rule: 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customer base
  • What are you doing to cultivate the other 80%?
  • Learn to use CRM: Customer Relations Management
  • Adopt Low-cost/No-cost advertising techniques
  • Leverage your limited advertising budget for maximum return

MeetingIn small business, your staff are an extension of yourself; your ethics, your standards, your dedication and your vision. Are your staff fully articulating your message to your customers?

  • Train your staff for maximum customer awareness and empathy
  • Build teamwork and mission focus
  • Achieve peerless standards of customer service, setting the bar impossibly high for your competitors

QuotesWe cannot afford to have a single dissatisfied customer
A slogan coined by John H. Patterson, founder of the National Cash Register Company. It was displayed prominently on the wall of the service department in every NCR branch, worldwide.

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